What is the Season of Creation in the church?

The Season of Creation is a multi-denominational effort to bring awareness and action to the climate-change driven needs of God’s great gift to us: our planet and all creatures.

The 80th General Convention of the Episcopal Church recognized climate change as:

“an all-encompassing social crisis and moral emergency that impacts and interconnects every aspect of pastoral concern including health, poverty, employment, racism, social justice, and family life and that can only be addressed by a Great Work involving every sector of society, including the Church.”

To help bring this recognition into the active life of the ecumenical Church, liturgical and educational resources have been developed to support laity and clergy in addressing this deep, global concern. Please consider how these resources may help your own life, and the life of our church.

The Episcopal News Service provides a helpful introduction to this global ministry here.

What resources are available to help us respond as a church?

Episcopal Church Season of Creation and St Francis Day Resources

Ecumenical Liturgical Resources

Ecumenical Advocacy and Liturgy Resources

What further resources are available across the Jesus Movement?