The process of searching for and electing the Tenth Bishop of Montana is underway! The Standing Committee intends that this be an open process, and looks forward to working with all of our congregations in this important endeavor.

The Standing Committee appointed a Nominating Committee to develop a diocesan profile using information gathered during the recent online survey and parish listening sessions. The Nominating Committee will use the profile as part of the discernment process for candidates feeling called to be or asked to prayerfully consider the role of leader of our diocese. We plan to elect a new bishop in July 2019.

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The Nominating Committee met February 15-16 in Livingston to determine which candidates to invite for in-person discernment in early April at Chico Hot Springs. Between now and then, the committee will undertake extensive reference and background checks. That information and time spent with the candidates in April will be used to determine a formal slate to present to the Standing Committee. Your continued prayers are appreciated Please email your comments or questions to [email protected].

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