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2023 Sessions

2022 Year End Payroll Session (January 2023) (47 minutes long)

Year-end Payroll Slides

Follow up questions and answers from Year end Payroll session

2023 Treasurers Training (32 minutes long)

Treasurers training slides

2022 Sessions

2022 Audit Training – 1 hour

2022 audit training slides

Financial Statement 101 Slides

2022 Vestry Session – Zoom session (1 hour and 22 minutes)

Vestry Workshop Slides


From Holy Spirit Missoula –   Scribes, Scripts and Scrolls, Parchment and Papyrus: The Bible from Then until Now

Holy Spirit Episcopal Church is blessed to have as one of its parishioners The Rev. Tom Lee, a retired Lutheran pastor and Old Testament scholar. Tom recently presented a fascinating four-session class on the Bible, and we would like to share that class with the rest of the diocese.

The history of how written texts of Jewish scripture and the New Testament have come down to us over the centuries is a fascinating one. It includes the chance discovery of ancient manuscripts in monastery libraries and synagogue storerooms, the copying errors commonly made by scribes, and the judgment call translators are forced to make even today when they encounter an unfamiliar word or phrase in the biblical text. In this four-part class, then, we’ll explore some of this history. We’ll look at some specific examples from both the Old and New Testaments where variations from one ancient manuscript to another may produce different readings for a given passage. How then do translators decide which is to be preferred?

Session 1—The languages in which the Bible was first written, writing materials, and the scribal craft. View Session 1 here.
Session 2—The Bible in Hebrew. View Session 2 here.
Session 3—The Hebrew Bible in Greek, Latin and Aramaic. View Session 3 here.
Session 4—The Greek New Testament. View Session 4 here.


2021 Sessions:

Episcopal Relief & Development Congregational Ministry Partner orientation video (13 minutes)

Inventory Webinar with Church Insurance  (29 minutes)-2021

To receive a copy of the Excel Inventory form, contact Barb Hagen- 800-247-1391 ext 101 or email   [email protected]

Asset Map Training via Zoom -2021



MT Trauma – Informed Approaches Curriculum:

The curriculum is presented in eight modules by The Ven. Dorcie Dvarishkis and Jess Mayrer

Module 1: Key Principles and Policy Development was offered via Zoom on September 29, 2021, 6:30-8:00 pm; Click HERE to review the recording.

Modules 2-7 were offered via Zoom on Friday October 8, 2021 from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.  Click the RECORDING link next to each Module to learn more about:

Module 2: Physical and Emotional Safety RECORDING
Module 3: Trustworthiness and Transparency  RECORDING
Module 4: Peer Support RECORDING
Module 5: Collaboration and Mutuality  RECORDING
Module 6: Empowerment, Voice, and Choice  RECORDING
Module 7: Equity for High-Risk Populations RECORDING
Module 8: Leadership, Administrative Support, and Policies was offered via Zoom on October 27, 2021, 6:30-8:00 pm.  Click HERE to review the final recording.

The participant workbooks referenced in the recordings are available from Ven. Dorcie Dvarishkis, along with a notebook that includes highlights of the teachings.  The participant workbooks also include the Zone of Control diagram referenced in each module.  An online-scoring version of the Organizational Trauma-Readiness and Self-Assessment Checklist noted in the modules is included HERE  for your use.

Certificates of completion will be issued to all who participate with us, or for those who contact me to confirm that they have viewed all eight recordings.  Thank you for your commitment to this work.

Testimonial :  “I am a licensed clinical social worker and am an active member at St Peter’s Episcopal Cathedral as the senior warden.  In my work I have assisted and educated people on mental health policy and development. I would strongly recommend the trauma informed community training for our Diocese and our communities. I have worked with many families professionally and personally who have experienced trauma and recovered. This training educates and gives hands on ideas on how we can be a part of helping all God’s people heal.’ – Dan Carlson-Thompson LCSW

Please contact Ven. Dorcie Dvarishkis with any questions [email protected]