Statistics about our clergy and staff

  • Our 34 churches are served by 15 deacons and 23 priests. Six of the 23 priests are retired but serve their churches part time. One retired priest serves two churches.
  • Of the 17 active priests, 10 are female and 7 are male.
  • Of the 15 deacons, 10 are female and 5 are male.
  • The average age of the clergy serving congregations is 59 years old. Their average number of years ordained is 18 and their average number of years in Montana is 9.*
  • There are 29 retired priests (not including those who serve churches part time). Eighteen are male and 11 are female.
  • Of our 79 clergy total, 37 are male and 42 are female.
  • We have six cluster ministries. Five are clusters of two churches – each served by one priest. One is a cluster of four churches served by one priest and two deacons.
  • We currently have two churches not served regularly by a priest (Havre and Absarokee).
  • All of our priests serving in churches are paid.
  • Our deacons are not paid for their role as deacon. Our cathedral has two deacons who also serve in other roles – parish administrator and bookkeeper, for which they are paid.
  • Sixty-seven of our priests reside in Montana. The other 12 are canonically resident but live out of state.
  • There are 11 full time and 13 part time clergy serving the churches.
  • One of our churches is a joint Episcopal/Lutheran congregation and is currently served by an ELCA pastor.
  • We have three transitional deacons – all female. One will be ordained in Fall 2018.
  • The diocesan office has five employees: one priest and four lay people. The priest is the part time Canon to the Ordinary (who has been ordained for 42 years and served in Montana for 15 years). Among the laity is one administrative assistant (employed 5 years), a Lay Canon for Finance and Administration (employed 22 years), a camp site manager who lives at Camp Marshall (employed 11 years). We also have a new camp director this year.


*Please note:  the figures for the average years of experience within Montana and outside Montana are estimates due to the incomplete data in the national clerical directory.