Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is canonically responsible for the search process.  The Nominating Committee reports to the Standing Committee, as does the Transition Committee.  At the time of Bishop Brookhart’s retirement (November 1, 2018), the Standing Committee retains the Ecclesiastical Authority of the Diocese.  The Standing Committee intends to call a Bishop to assist the Diocese during the interim between Bishop Brookhart’s retirement and the consecration of our 10th Bishop Diocesan.


Cynthia Benkelman, All Saints, Columbia Falls/Whitefish
The Rev. Donna Gleaves, St. Peter’s, Helena (President)
The Rev.  Jean Collins, St. James, Lewistown
Rick Harden, St. Peter’s, Helena
Mary Messina, St. James, Lewistown
The Rev. Bradley Wirth, All Saints, Columbia Falls/Whitefish