St. Patrick’s, Bigfork

As St. Patrick’s is being renovated and worship is virtual, there is stability in the garden. Gardeners can work and fellowship while easily keeping safe distance! Participating in the garden ministry is a blessing that feels normal in a time that is strange for all.

The Community Garden is prepared April 18 for Spring planting. 4×4 raised beds are available for $15—for 2. One is for home growing and the other plot is to grow produce for the Bigfork Food Bank. The garden has 70 plus plots to farm.














We started the building project  on April 6. We are in full demolition of interior and new foundation addition of narthex and porch are done. The inside is already torn apart.  The demolition of the brick chimney that ran through the nave is completed.The project is scheduled to finish by the first week in August.

The view we will have from the nave landing when the windows and new doors are installed – May 19, 2020

Walls are going up – May 8th, 2020


April 6, 2020