Prayers of the People


During this week’s Jr. Middler II session, our oldest group of campers wrote the prayers of the people for chapel:


*God we pray for the church worldwide.  We ask you that divisions amongst ourselves would cease, and that we will understand one another better.  We ask that the church helps people and does not hurt them.


*God we pray for our government.  Please guide them to make wise decisions, especially financially.  We ask for world peace and a chance for all of our soldiers to come home.  Thank you for their brave service.  Thank you for our freedom. 


*God we pray for anyone struggling with depression or addiction.  Get them through the tough time to a brighter future ahead.  Give them hope.  Help them not give up.


*God we pray for our own generation.  Help us each to have a better self-image and believe in your love for us. Help us to know our own gifts and use them for you.



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