Parochial Reports

Remember, reports are due March 1!

Remember the vestry needs to approve them!


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Please note, you do not need to mail a copy of the report to the diocesan office.

Filing of the 2021  Parochial Report opens January 4, 2022.

To begin preparing for the upcoming filing year, downloadable forms and instructions are available on the Episcopal Church website at:

PR: Workbook and Instructions — The General Convention of The Episcopal Church

New Important Information: We have moved our online filing site to a new URL. Please save the following link:

Click here for instructions and tutorials:

2021 Parochial Report Workbook and Instructions

2021 Parochial Report Fillable Form_English

Attendance Workbook Template

Reports and Information from the parochial reports:

2021 Vital Statistics

2021 Financial statistics

Studying your congregation and community


For information on prior years, please contact Canon for Finance & Administration, Barb Hagen,
800-247-1391 ext. 101 or email [email protected]