Camp Marshall Facilities

We can house and feed up to 100 people during the Spring and Fall.  Many of our buildings are not insulated, so we cannot guarantee a warm bed mid-winter.

  • We have nine rustic cabins.  Cabins have electricity (lights and heat), but no insulation and bare walls. Most cabins accommodate eight people in four sets of bunk beds.  Our largest cabin accommodates 14 people.

    Cabins are arranged in two areas: East Side, which accommodate 46 and is served by a larger bath house; and West Side, which accommodate 32 and is served by a newer bath house.  Both bath houses have men’s/women’s entrances.  You must walk outdoors to get to the bath facilities from these cabins.

  • Canterbury (aka, Staff House) has eight rooms, accommodating a total of 20 people.  Six rooms accommodate 2 people in one bunk.  Two rooms accommodate four people in two bunks.  This building has a spacious living area with a kitchenette (sink, refrigerator, and microwave), a gas fireplace, and a men’s and women’s bathroom.  This building is insulated and can be used year round.  You don’t have to go outside to get to the nearest bathroom in this building, but you may have to go down stairs.
  • Coventry (aka, Priest’s House) which is like a regular home with two bedrooms, one upstairs, and one downstairs; living room, kitchenette (sink, refrigerator, microwave, and a small range), and one ¾ sized bathroom.  There is also a gas stove for heat.  This building is insulated and can be used year round.  Up to 5 people can stay in this building.
  • The Lodge is the hub of activity and includes:
    • Our kitchen! When you rent Camp Marshall, you will coordinate with our Head Cook to develop a menu.  Since most visitors at Camp Marshall do not have access to other food, we make every effort to meet visitors’ dietary needs.  We are experienced in making delicious gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan meals.
    • The Dining Hall is located here.  We can squeeze 100 diners into the room, though 85 is more comfortable.  This is also our main meeting room on Camp.  When planning your event, keep in mind that we need approximately 30 minutes to set up and clean-up for meals.