Camp Marshall Job Descriptions

Camp Marshall Summer 2014

Staff Positions and Brief Job Descriptions


All staff members apply to serve at Camp Marshall, understanding that serving on camp staff includes an invitation to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ in Christian community, and will include regular opportunities for worship, service, and reflection. Staff positions are undertaken as part of a spiritual formation program.  All staff will be required to set goals for the summer, in conversation with the camp director, and will undertake an entrance and exit interview with the Camp Director as part of their employment.


Position: Salary Range (depending on experience): Purpose: Qualifications: Responsibilities:
Head Cook


Starting on March 1, 2014.

$250-$275/week To lead a kitchen staff in providing food service for spring rentals and the summer sessions of camp.


–       Experience cooking nutritious food for large groups

–        Experience managing a commercial kitchen

–       Capacity to work within and remain apprised of state food sanitation standards

–       Current CPR First Aid card


–       Play a two-week rotating menu of nutritious, low-cost meals for staff-orientation and summer camp.

–       Lead kitchen crew in preparing and cleaning up from all meals.

–       Oversee kitchen schedule and staffing, food preparation, meal times, and lodge appearance.

–       Order and purchase food, dairy, and paper products for all meals.

–       Other duties as assigned.


Kitchen Assistant (hiring two) $200 – $250/week To support head cook in providing food service for summer sessions of camp. –       experience cooking for large groups, and a desire to learn food-service skills



–       Support head cook in planning, preparing, and cleaning up from a two-week rotating menu of nutritious, inexpensive meals for staff orientation and summer camp.

–       Work closely with the head cook regarding all aspects of schedule, kitchen staffing, food preparation, meal times, and lodge appearance.


Office Manager $200 – $250 / week

or week by week:  volunteer

To oversee and organize camp registration and communications. –       Possess excellent organizational skills.

–       Desire to offer hospitality to campers and guests.



–       Contact Diocesan office daily to

–       Regularly update camp records and contact camper families as necessary.

–       Keep daily office hours

–       Other duties as assigned.

Counselor (hiring 4 male, 4 female) $200 – $250 / week To serve as lead counselor for a group of 4-7 youth each week. –       Experience caring for groups of children.

–       Emotional stability to place campers needs before personal desires.

–       Develop a personal relationship with each member of your cabin.

–       Learn the daily schedule and be sure that each member of your cabin is on time to camp activities.

–       Nurture and remain attentive to your campers throughout the daily rhythm.

Waterfront Director $200 – $275 / week To supervise and operate the summer camp waterfront program –       Red Cross certification as a lifeguard or equivalent.

–       Experience in lifeguarding and waterfront operation.

–       Ability to explain and enforce waterfront rules.

–       Provide lifeguard duties during swimming hours.

–       Enforce water safety rules.

–       Administer swimming and boating tests to evaluate and classify participants’ swimming abilities and assign participants to areas, equipment, facilities, and activities commensurate with their abilities.

–       Give instruction on use of kayaks, canoes, and rowboats, and sailboat.

Arts & Crafts Director $200 – $275/week To supervise and operate camp arts and crafts program, in cooperation with the artist in residence. –       Proficiency in a range of artistic media

–       Experience leading groups of children.

–       Willingness to cooperate in planning themed projects with guest artists and clergy.

–       Develop and implement visual arts program suitable for children and adults attending various camps.

–       Provide instruction in as many art areas as possible.

–       Keep crafts cabin clean and orderly.

–       Be available for instruction of children and adults in crafts cabin as camp schedule dictates.

Media Director $200 – $275/week To oversee the camp media program, and to use media tools to witness the work of God’s Spirit at Camp Marshall. –       Proficiency with video production/editing, photography, and web editing.

–       Willingness to work with guests (priests, artists) to incorperate media into other aspects of camp programming.


–       Develop and implement a media program that witnesses to the Holy Spirit’s work in those who participate in life at Camp Marshall.

–       Build and organize a library of images of Camp Marshall.

–       Be available for instruction of children and adults in various forms of media as camp schedule allows.

–       Regularly update Camp Marshall’s website and facebook page, under supervision of Camp Director.

Music Director $200 – $275/week To lead campers and camp staff in worship through music, and to encourage campers’ musical gifts. –       Experience teaching and leading vocal and instrumental music.

–       Ability to articulate the role of worship in Christian community.

–       Familiarity with the Hymnal 1982, and with other camp music.

–       Spontaneity and creative abilities.

–       Experience in worship-leadership, and a willingness to collaborate with guest priests.

–       Teach songs to youth who attend camp, and lead music at specified times daily.

–       Develop a songbook for camp.

–       Develop a music program that meets the needs of beginning – advanced levels of youth music.

–       Incorporate musical gifts of campers/guests into worship and other gatherings.

Head Counselor / Day Camp Director $200-$250/week To oversee counselors and counselors in training, and to lead day camps as necessary. –       Experience serving as a camp counselor.

–       Willingness to serve as a mentor to counselors, who will mentor camps.

–       Ability to organize and oversee a team at an off-site day camp.


– Oversee Counselor in Training program in cooperation with Camp Director.

– Check in daily with counselors and CITs, reporting any concerns or needs to Camp Director.

– Substiute for counselors when they rotate through time off.

– Lead compline each evening.

Camp Nurse / EMT $250-$300/week, or one week’s volunteer service in exchange for child’s attendance at camp To provide immediate healthcare and monitoring to campers and camp staff. –       Is a licensed physician, registered nurse, or emergency medical technician.

–       The ability to work in a staff relationship and to serve persons from a wide range of ages, interests, and backgrounds.

– Responsible to produce a written health care plan for the camp.

– Serves as a designated camp health care manager who has daily responsibility to supervise health care in camp.

– Is responsible to have standing orders approved in writing by a licensed physician which includes procedures for dealing with common illness or injury, and procedures for health care screening.

– Is responsible for overseeing a daily health log for camp.

– Other duties as assigned.

Camp Babysitter Hired personally by Camp Director To apply, contact Wren at [email protected]


Provide 20 – 25 hours/week of on site care for two children under age 5.