Election Information

Election Information:

If you feel called to serve on a committee, please fill out the nomination form below and email to Jill Sallin, [email protected]

2019 Nomination Form

Click the link for each name to read the bios for nominees.

Diocesan Secretary – 1 year term


Gayle Archey

Diocesan Treasurer  – 1 year term


The Rev. Steven Yurosko

Diocesan Council – 3 year terms

Diocesan Council Duties & Responsibilities

Need to elect:

2 Clergy 


The Rev. Stephen Day

The Rev. Jaime Leonard

2 Laypeople


Mary Messina

Keith Kuhn

Frank Pickett

Hope Stockwell

Standing Committee – 3 year terms
Standing Committee Duties & Responsibilities

Need to elect:
1 cleric


The Rev. Terri Grotzinger

1 Layperson


Laura Catlin


General Convention Deputies-click here for the General Convention Nomination Form

General convention will be held in 2021 in Baltimore

Need to elect:

4  Clergy 


The Rev. Jean Collins

The Rev. Donna Gleaves

The Rev. Terri Grotzinger

The Rev. Connie Campbell-Pearson

The Rev. Valerie Webster


4  Laypeople


Cynthia Benkelman

Brad Foster

James Wiley

Sandy Williams