Deacon’s Convention Display

Community of Deacons – a report for the 2020 Diocesan Convention
We invite all to be watchful for potential Deacons in your midst.  You might appreciate reading again the Examination of a Deacon on page 543 of the Book of Common Prayer ahead of our  report.  We are grateful for your interest and support.


Click here to watch a video about the community of deacons.


  • Book of Common Prayer, page 543, Examination of  a Deacon
  • Any members of our Community of Deacons – Archdeacon Dorcie Dvarishkis  can be reached at [email protected] or 406-239-7655
  • Deacons pages on the Diocesan website, –
  • School for Deacons – new 3-yr cycle began in April 2020, new students will be welcomed in 2022
  • Association of Episcopal Deacons
  • The book, Many Servants, by Ormonde Plater
  • The book, Being a Deacon today, by Rosalind Brown