Day Camp in Lewistown

 Head Counselor Janelle FulleIMG_2759r reflects on a week spent in partnership with four churches in     Lewistown, as she and other staff led a day camp for nearly fifty children.
What do you get when you combine 44 children (all nine and under), 22 volunteers, a 6 hour drive, 5 Camp Marshall staff and 4 different churches?  YOU GET AN AWESOME DAY CAMP, THAT’S WHAT!
Day Camp 5

On a hike together.

Over the last week, five members of Camp Marshall’s staff traveled to Lewistown to lead a day camp for a group of amazing kids.  We worked alongside volunteers from Lewistown’s Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, and Presbyterian churches to bring summer camp to kids who can’t travel across the state to attend Camp Marshall.  Each of the participating parishes  sent kids and volunteers to join together in worship, service, learning, and celebration.

Day Camp 10

Spinning wool

   Throughout the week we ate, sang, played, learned and worked together.  Some of our highlights were getting to go on a hike at the fish hatchery, a very funny  skit responding to John’s gospel story about the raising of Lazarus, a visit from a sheep farmer and seeing wool spun into yarn, serving the community through various work projects, AND getting to build and ride on a float for the 4th of July parade!
Day Camp 4

A lamb walking behind the “Great Shepherd of the Sheep” themed float.

Our week together was action packed, and we are thankful for the opportunity to be a part of it.  It was especially encouraging to see so many individuals from parishes working together to raise up children in faith.   It was a gift to spend time with God’s people in Lewistown!

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