A Capital Campaign for Camp Marshall

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Read a brochure detailing the capital campaign projects here.

Feasibility Study:

With help from the Episcopal Church Foundation, the Episcopal Diocese of Montana has conducted a survey to assess the feasibility of a capital campaign to remodel and reconstruction areas of Camp Marshall.   The results of the feasibility study, now returned, demonstrate that a capital campaign goal of $750,000, and a challenge goal of $1 million will be strongly supported by our diocese.

The survey showed strong support for the following projects:

 Camper Sleeping Pavilions

In order to meet the immediate need to provide more sleeping spaces for campers, we have constructed two sleeping pavilions, one for boys and one for girls.  The sleeping pavilions, which will have canvas walls, will each provide bunk space for 14 campers and two staff members.  Upon waking, campers using these new sleeping pavilions, will step out of their pavilion to encounter the beauty of  Flathead Lake.  (The cost for this project is $35,000.00 for each sleeping pavilion.)

Brewer Lodge Renovation

(temporary concept drawings)

Funds will be raised to make structural updates to Brewer Lodge, and to provide space for kitchen storage.  Planned  updates include:

current views (back and front), Brewer Lodge

• reinforced roof trusses, and the addition of a roof underlayment, added sheathing to two walls, and upgrading the existing sheer walls,

• a deck addition with table/chair storage and firewood storage,

• a kitchen pantry and prep space addition,

•an outdoor grilling area.

A preliminary cost estimate for this project is $650,000.00.       



Brewer Lodge front

Brewer Lodgecurrent views of Brewer Lodge: 






Rustic Camper Cabins:

Cabin Concept-Plan Image with Ramp-sm

Funds will be raised for a  new double cabin on the east side, and a new double cabin on the west side of Camp Marshall.  These rustic cabins will provide much needed sleeping and restroom space for 64 campers and staff, and will provide outdoor gathering areas for the residents of each double cabin.

$524,000 – estimated cost per cabin (including site work, utilities, and professional fees)

Camp Marshall works hard to welcome all guests.  We are dedicated to improving accessibility on site through these new development projects.  All of the projects listed above will provide accessible facilities and accessible routes connecting areas of camp will be provided where topography makes these feasible. Where topography makes a fully accessible route infeasible, alternative transport may be provided to guests in need of those services.


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