Camper Survey 2019

At Camp Marshall, campers are invited into life shaped by God’s good gifts.  At camp, all participants (campers, staff members, and volunteers) experience and reflect on…

• … their own gifts, the gifts of those around them, and the gifts present in creation.

• … their creative and expressive capacities (both individually and as part of a group).

• … experiences of adventure and play.

• … worship within a Christian community.

• …. practices of hospitality, service, prayer, and reconciliation.

• …. a sense of responsibility for their own experience.

Please help us continue to grow by completing the survey below with your camper.  We work hard to facilitate excellent programs at Camp Marshall and depend upon your feedback!

Camper Survey 2019

This survey provides a way for campers and their families to offer feedback on their experience at Camp Marshall.
    Parents, please share your perspective with us.