For Alumni

Alumni Weekend 2014

Camp Marshall has been well loved since 1947, and we encourage camp alumni to return to camp during Labor of Love and Alumni Weekends, and to share stories from their time at camp all year long.

The Welcome Circle: 

a group of Camp Marshall’s alumni who are committed to extending the welcome they received at Camp Marshall to a new generation of campers


Alumni of Camp Marshall

Who?  Anyone who has been a camper, volunteer, or summer staff member can join the Welcome Circle.

Why?  The “Welcome Circle”  helps Camp Alumni stay connected to one another by facilitating events at Camp Marshall.  Camp Alumni who join the Welcome Circle will receive regular invitations to support Camp Marshall through prayer, will be invited to volunteer at camp, and will make an annual contribution to our Campership Fund.

How much does it cost?  An annual donation of $10 or more (contributed entirely to our campership fund) secures your place in the Welcome Circle.

Click here to make a donation to join the Welcome Circle. 

Bryce Ikeda (at camp from 1969-1976) wrote a song called ‘Lindisfarne’ remembering and celebrating his summers at Camp Marshall.  Listen below.