Audit Steps

Audit Team training video – click here to watch this 20 minute video that will guide you through the audit process.

Audit Procedures


 Step 1 – Find your audit team!

Call  or email Barb Hagen, Canon for Finance & Administration, 800-247-1391 ext 101 or – email [email protected]   with questions, to request an audit team or to provide the names of your audit team.  Send in your request or names by April 15 to ensure timely audit completion.


Step 2- Engagement letter

Click here for information on the engagement letter

Step 3 – Treasurer Prep work

Click here for information the treasurer will need to provide.

Step 4- Audit  Day

Internal controls – click here to learn more about internal controls and to download the forms or to file the questionnaire online.

Audit forms – click  here to download the forms needed for the audit or to file the audit online.

Audit Findings Letter – click here to create this letter or to file online.


Step 5- Send it in by September 1!

Vestry letter – The vestry needs to acknowledge receipt of the audit.  See the  2019 vestry letter.  You do not need to send this letter to the diocesan office, but it is for the use of the vestry as they make plans to follow up on the audit findings.

You may either mail in the completed audit form, internal controls form and audit findings letter (see step 4) or you can file them online.


If mailing – send to Episcopal Diocese of Montana – PO Box 2020  Helena MT 59624