Audit Procedures and Tutorial

To request an audit assistance,  to get approval for your audit commitee, or for any other questions,  contact Barb Hagen, Canon For Finance & Administration  call 800-247-1391 ext. 101 or email [email protected]

Audit Committee Request Form


To watch a 20  minute training video on church audits, click here

Diocesan Audit Policy

Audit Guidelines

2019 Procedures for performing church audits

Audit Information – Manual of Business Methods


For the Treasurer

The treasurer will need to have available the information on the 2019 audit checklist for churches

We do not need to receive this checklist from you.

The treasurer should be available to answer questions and find information as needed.  The treasurer will also need to answer the questions on the2019 Internal Controls questionnaire Please complete the internal controls questionnaire or file it on line with your audit committee.  They need to see this document and to file it with the audit.   To fill it out online, click here.


For the Audit Committee

Be familiar with the audit procedures listed above.  Start off by asking the treasurer the questions on the Internal controls questionnaire (see above) so you will have an idea of items you need to look for. When you fill out the audit form, you are answering those questions based on your observations of the original documents.  See the Audit form page for details and forms.  The audit form, internal controls questionnaire and audit findings report are all due September 1 to the diocesan office and may be mailed in or submitted online.


For the Vestry

The audit is due September 1 and  it is the responsibility of the vestry to ensure this happens.  Receipt of the audit should be noted in the vestry minutes.  The vestry should also complete the 2019 vestry letter which acknowledges their responsibility of for the financial information and states their plans to correct any issues with the financial statements.  We do not need this letter in the diocesan office but you should keep it on file with your copies of the audit.