Audit info for the Treasurer

Thank you!

Thank you for your  ministry as the treasurer. You have a difficult job and we don’t often say thank you enough.

Now, there is more that we will ask of you.  It is most helpful if you can be available during the audit to answer questions and help find information.

For the audit to go smoothly, your participation is key.

Here is a checklist of the items your audit committee will need to have available:

2019 audit checklist for churches


The treasurer will also need to answer the questions on the 2019 Internal Controls questionnaire or click here to fill it out online. If you fill it out online, please do so with the audit team. They  need to see your responses.

If you need any help please feel free to call or email Barb Hagen and I can help you  prepare and help you with any findings or recommendations your committee might suggest.   Just call –  1-800-247-1391, ext. 101 or
Email: [email protected]