Audit Findings Form

2019 Audit Findings

  • List: PRIEST, Wardens and vestry
  • List Church name and City here:
  • An email with the completed responses will be sent to you.

  • You would note anything here that you observed in the supporting documents (bank statements, investment statements etc) that is significantly different than the financial statements. You can also note here if there are a number of items that were unavailable for your review.
  • We have taken steps to see that the accompanying financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, except as noted above, the financial position of the congregation at December, 31, 2019 and that the changes in the net assets and its cash flows for the year then ended are in accordance with the principles authorized by General Convention of the Episcopal Church on a basis consistent with that of the preceding year. Our inspection and certificate are not meant to be construed as an audit and opinion rendered by a Certified Public Accountant. During the course of the above inspection, the following items pertaining to internal control and other operation matters were noted. The first group includes areas of management control where prior year auditor recommendations have been implemented; the second group includes comments and recommendations of current year auditors.

  • List any recommendations the church has implanted since last year. Did they complete their inventory? Have two signers on checks? Those are some common corrections. If they did not make any changes since last year, just write NONE.
  • List items here that you found during the course of the audit - common items are - no inventory, no cash counting sheets, no balance sheet, unable to see Vestry Minutes. etc. Any items you made note of on the audit form that are errors or in violation of their accounting policy should be listed here. If they have no accounting policy, that can be a recommendation too. If there were items you did not get to review because they were not avilable, note that here.
  • This is a very important section! What do they do well? Was the treasurer organized and helpful? Were you able to see all of the documents? Are the Vestry Minutes clear and concise?