Active Deacons

Judy Anderson

The Rev. Judy Anderson

Marcia Lauzon

The Rev. Marcia Lauzon
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Myrna Chaney

The Rev. Myrna Chaney
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Rick Johnson

The Rev. Rick Johnson


Roxanne Klingensmith

The Ven. Roxanne Klingensmith
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Connie Campbell

The Rev. Connie Campbell-Pearson
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Donna Gleaves
The Rev. Donna Gleaves
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Dorcie ordained #1
The Rev. Dorcie Dvarishkis
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The Rev. John Moran


Doug Anderson
The Rev. Doug Anderson

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The Rev. Steven DeHart

JIm and Mary Alice Jones

The Rev. Jim Jones & The Rev. Mary Alice Jones

Anita Rognas
The Rev. Anita Rognas