Our Diocese

dio office 2014

Established in 1904, the Province VI Diocese of Montana has more than 4,000 active, baptized members in 34 churches (including one Native American congregation). We’re part of The Episcopal Church, which in turn belongs to a global community of 80 million Anglicans. Our congregations are led or supplied by 20 priests and 10 deacons. You’ll find detailed information about our structure and policies in these links:

And we are more  than manuals, meetings and data reports! Our diocese is a transformational community powered by the Risen Lord. We embrace these core values and invite all who join our churches to do the same. Core Values

  1. Commitment to Christ and the Church.
  2. Enthusiasm for the mission of one’s congregation as well as the vision and mission of the diocese.
  3. Compassionate action in the world for the sake of Christ.
  4. Obedience, discipline, responsibility in our common life.
  5. Using Scripture to measure our life together.