Week of July 15th, 2024

Give glory to God whose power, working in us, can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine:  Glory to him from generation to generation in the Church, and in Christ Jesus for ever and ever.  Amen. (Ephesians, 3:20, 21)


Below, please find this week’s communications and reminders from The Episcopal Diocese of Montana.  We hope you will find the weekly update useful.


Week of July 15th, 2024


Statement from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry on Trump rally shooting

“The way of love—not the way of violence—is the way we bind up our nation’s wounds. We decry political violence in any form, and our call as followers of Jesus of Nazareth is always to love. We pray for the families of those who were killed. We pray for former President Trump and his family and for all who were harmed or impacted by this incident. I pray that we as a nation and a world may see each other as the beloved children of God.”


Calendar at a Glance:

Save The Dates:

        • July 16 – Province VI Zoom
        • July 18 – Standing Committee Meeting @ Diocesan House
        • July 18-22 – Canon for Administration on vacation
        • July 20 – Celebrate Montana Episcopal Church with Diocesan Council Zoom
        • July 21 – Bishop Visitation to St. Luke’s, Billings
          July 25 – Foundation Board Zoom
          July 28 – Bishop Visitation to Holy Trinity, Troy
          August 3 – Department of Finance meets in person – budget draft
          August 4 – All Proposed Resolutions and Legislation due to Diocesan
          Office for Committee Work
          August 7 – Clergy Zoom
          August 7 – Senior Wardens w/out Clergy zoom
          August 10 – Diocesan Council meets in person – final 2025 budget
          August 11-13 – Deacon’s Retreat
          August 13 – SWAT Zoom (Senior Wardens and Treasurers)
          August 15 – Standing Committee Meeting Zoom
          August 18 – Bishop Visitation to St. John’s, Emigrant & St. Andrew’s, Livingston
          August 20 – Province VI Zoom
          August 25 – Bishop Visitation to St. Paul’s. Virginia City and Trinity, Ennis
          September 2 – Labor Day, (Diocesan Offices Closed)

Diocesan Convention

Registration will open soon!

There is a block of 40 rooms reserved at the Great Northern and the deadline for the rate of $180.00 is September 4, 2024. The block of rooms is under the Episcopal Diocese of Montana. The phone number is 406-457-5500.

August 4th – All proposed Resolutions & Legislation is due to the Diocesan House for committee work.


81st General Convention Resolution Review

The 81st General Convention is behind us! Convention passed dozens of public policy-focused resolutions. Please join us on Wednesday, July 24, 1:00-2:00 pm EDT to hear from the Office of Government Relations staff about new public policy areas we will be focusing on, what happens to these resolutions after they are passed, and how you can help carry out the public policy witness of the church. Registration is below, and we hope you can join us!

Register Here!


Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations (EIR) Resolutions from The General Convention 81!

All EIR resolutions have passed both houses of the General Convention, other than A047, which was referred back to SCEIR (and that was the preferred outcome.)

The ecumenical and interreligious resolutions that were approved this convention include the following:

  1. Entered Full Communion with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria (ELKB) which is a significant missional victory for the Convocation in Europe
  2. Approved new guidelines for Interreligious Relations, Episcopal-Jewish Relations, and Episcopal-Muslim Relations
  3. Commended all of our dialogues and ecumenical org membership, with a particular affirmation of the PCUSA dialogue
  4. Got a first reading of the constitutional amendment that will allow us to form Limited Ecumenical Partnerships (LEPs)
  5. Adopted the proposal for the exchangeability of the diaconate with the ELCA, thereby kind of “completing” Called to Common Mission.
  6. Affirmed the goal of Full Communion with the United Methodist Church and called for the development of an Orderly Exchange of Ministers document and a plan for liturgical reconciliation of orders in anticipation of a vote in 2027.
  7. Amended the canons to allow for the transfer of deacons and bishops to churches in communion.
  8. Adopted statements against Anti-Semitism and Anti-Muslim Bias.

A shout out to Rev. Jean Collins who served on the Ecumenical and Interreligious Legislative Committee.Deep gratitude as well as for the work of the Standing Commission on Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations, as well as key allies on other committees who are dedicated to this work.

For a more in depth understanding of Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations (EIR) resolutions, click on this Google sheet link, which includes VBinder links to the legislation itself and is updated several times daily:



The Rev. Valerie Webster
Priest Associate, St. James Episcopal Church, Bozeman, MT
Ecumenical & Interreligious Officer, Episcopal Diocese of MT
VP, TEC’s Episcopal Diocesan Ecumenical & Interreligious Officers Board
Moderator, Gallatin Valley Interfaith Association
cell (406) 579-3980


At Camp Marshall:


To register click here!

For more information click here!


Click here to donate Thrivent Choice funds to camp.

State of Montana Charitable Giving Campaign – SECGC # for Episcopal Diocese/Camp Marshall is 5614


General News Around Our Diocese:

Congregational Newsletters
Click here to read church newsletters from around our diocese.


United Thank Offering:

The United Thank Offering’s Vice President for Grants

The Rev. Rowan Larson, Rector of St. James’, Bozeman, is UTO’s Vice President for Grants.  Questions relating to UTO grants can be sent to Rev. Rowan at rlarson@episcopalnetworks.org or to Vicki Van Rensselaer, our Diocesan UTO Coordinator, at terracecoast@aol.com

The Focus For 2025 UTO Grants

In 2025, UTO will fund projects focused on water, including but not limited to projects that:

*Address water issues such as desalinization, access, care of water sources, water rights and education about water resources.
*Increase water awareness (drought tolerance, flood prevention).
*Address health issues directly related to water quality (formula access for babies, aftermath of contaminated water, etc.).
*Address water needs of unhoused people (laundry, showers, bathrooms, drinking water).
*UTO recognizes that many water access issues today stem directly from historic trauma and harm done to marginalized people.  Projects that encourage truth telling, acknowledge that historic trauma around water, and establish pathways towards healing also fit this focus.

Funding Range For 2025 UTO Grants

The UTO Board will accept applications from $1,000.00 to $55,000.00. Please note: UTO will ask you to request only what you need for your project so that UTO can fund as many grants as possible.  In circumstances of extreme need, applicants may request up to $100,000.00; however, you must clearly justify why the project requires that level of support from UTO and show an adequate level of in-kind support.

Deadlines for Applying For a 2025 UTO Grant

Individuals and parishes that are interested in applying for a 2025 UTO grant should notify Bishop Marty of their interest by 5p.m. MST on Tuesday, October 15, 2024.  Bishop Marty can be contacted at montanabishop@diomontana.com

The deadline for submitting grant application material to UTO personnel for a “completeness review” is 3 p.m. MST on Friday, January 10, 2025.

The final deadline for the submission of 2025 grant applications is 3 p.m. MST on Friday, February 7, 2025.

Since our Diocese was fortunate enough to have received a UTO grant in 2022 and an extension for that grant in 2023, all parishes in our Diocese are encouraged to hold a UTO Ingathering in 2024 at a time when it would be convenient for the parish to hold the Ingathering.  If your parish would like some assistance in order to hold a UTO Ingathering in 2024, please contact Vicki Van Rensselaer, at terracecoast@aol.com

Vicki Van Rensselaer
UTO Coordinator for the Diocese of Montana

Office of Government Relations

Changing Immigration Conversations The U.S. immigration system is in desperate need of reform, and the politics of immigration in the United States are troubling. As Episcopalians, we ask that you also be involved in this moment—use this link to learn how you can engage more on immigration work.

Statement on President Biden’s Executive Order to Restrict Asylum

End the Use of Private Prisons The Episcopal Church advocates ending the use of private prisons. Please join us in this advocacy today!

Episco-Pols Season 3! – The 2024 U.S. election season is well underway, as is our Episcopal election engagement. This season of our podcast focuses on how Episcopalians can embody healthy, faith-informed civic engagement this election season.


God’s people around the world:

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Ministry Partner Matters-June

Episcopal Relief & Development Lent Resources

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Other news and upcoming Events:

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Are You Interested In Reading The Bible From Beginning To End ?
Since April 2014, the website putnamafield.org has encouraged people to read the Bible from beginning to end, reading at the very reasonable rate of 3 to 7 pages per day (depending upon the size of the print of the Bible that you choose to use for the reading).  Starting on Monday, April 10, 2023 (the day after Easter), the tenth complete reading of the Bible will be offered on that website.